Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Completed Sock

Thanks to everyone for your kind words and messages! Every one of them meant alot - I especially loved that Karin rushed to phone her mom after she read my post. Try to treat people so that you will not have any regrets after they're gone. Not to get all preachy - but the one thing I knew after my mom died was that she knew I loved her, I knew she loved me, I did everything I could for her, I didn't leave her alone at the hospital for a second. After she died I remember our priest said that I felt as bad as I did because we had had such a good relationship and were so close and that was a good thing. How horrible would it be if someone died and you didn't really care. For whatever reason, hearing that made me feel better - I kept telling myself I feel this bad because I loved her so much and for that I am lucky. If that is the price that I had to pay for having that mother, then I would and did gladly pay it. I call my grandmother every single day and have for the last 10 years - same reason, I do not want to feel any regrets after she's gone. She's even told me not to cry when she goes because we've been so lucky to have what we have.
Ok so...enough of that! See my finished sock! I'm very proud of it!

Last night, it was snowing. A beautiful thick fluffy snow - I was wishing it would snow and snow and snow! This is what it looked like this morning -nothing like a fresh snow fall in the country.
Lots is coming to Pick Up Sticks - new yarn is on the way from Apple Laine - all colorways should be restocked by the end of the week. All 13 new colors from Claudia Handpainted are being wound into skeins for us! New Spinning Bunny! New Yarn Pirate! And....a few surprises up my sleeve! Stay tuned!

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Kate said...

What a beautiful tribute to your Mother and Grandmother.

I love that sock! If that is a preview of what is to come from Meghan's desiging, I'm soooo excited to get the first project!