Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Two Makes A Pair

Here's my Mama Llama socks in Winter for my niece's birthday! I loved knitting with this yarn. Self striping was a fun change from hand painted. There was no row counting - I just matched up the colors and everything worked out perfectly! I've cast on a new yarn from my stash (gasp!) from before I was a shop owner but it's another pair for my niece with lots and lots and lots of pink and purple which is her favorite. I'm trying out something new to combat my attention deficit disorder for socks - finish a pair, try new yarn, finish a pair, try new yarn. I'm absolutely dying to try some Gems Merino - I can't decide which color and can't decide which pattern.

I finished the Knitting Circle by Ann Hood - I loved it! Someone who writes so convincingly of grief must have experienced it. While we are talking about books - another book I really liked was Good Grief - yup another story about grief - but it was at times hysterical and at times heart wrenching. The main character realizes she's in deep trouble when she shows up at work in her pyjamas and fluffy slippers because getting dressed was just too much trouble. I totally get that - after my mom died, I'd sit at the kitchen table and think I should have shower, but then I'd think well, if you have a shower, then you have to get dressed and if you get dressed, then you will have to dry your hair - forget it - it was all just too much trouble.

I'm reading another knitting book now - it's called the Friday Night Knitting Club - Julia Roberts has bought the rights for this and is going to play the shop owner. It's a really nice read - no grief! - so far I'm really enjoying it. If you happen to be reading it to - let me know who you think should play the other characters.

My haircut was very successful today - I really like this hairdresser. For about the last year, I've had a horrible time with an itchy scalp for about two weeks after I get my hair colored - I know, probably too much information - but anyway.....he suggested not to wash my hair for a couple of days and he put conditioner in with the color so fingers crossed. So far so good - usually by this time my scalp is throbbing from the color and there's none of that. It better work because I cannot possibly go around completely gray - which I am under this ever so subtle blondy brown color I've got happening.

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Janet Miller said...

I can so identify with your sock ADD. I speed through the first sock and then find it absolutely grueling to complete that second one. So, do you knit a COMPLETE pair before trying a new yarn? Or are you just completing a second sock of a pair and then reward yourself with a new yarn? What I've been trying is knitting two different pair at a time. I finish one sock, then knit a sock from the other yarn, then it's back to complete the first pair. When I start the second sock of the second pair, I get to start a pair from a new yarn. Did any of that make sense? I don't think it's that I don't enjoy knitting the second sock, but I just want so badly to start something new. I don't guess I will ever be able to knit a whole sweater again, which is funny since I used to do Starmore fair isles on fine-gauge needles. I'm hopelessly addicted now to socks, and a bit of lace.