Monday, January 15, 2007

A New Trick!

Good morning - I've been awake since 5:30 am - my daughter woke us up because she heard scratching in her room. Turns out it was ice pellets hitting the window - this prompted me out of bed to go have a look.....yup ice out there and lots of it! School buses were even cancelled by 6:20 am which never happens - usually York Region waits and waits and waits unti the last possible minute so it must be bad!

I took a class at Unwind on Saturday with Meghan - amazing friend, pattern designer and teacher! It was learning to make a beaded scarf - Meghan was sure I wouldn't last for the whole 2 hours - I'm not known to like or have the patience for fussy stuff but guess what? I not only lasted for the whole class, I actually loved incorporating beads into my knitting. Look!

Sorry it's blurry - could be that I've been up for hours and feel kind of blurry myself!

Here's the Zen Yarn Garden! This yarn is amazing - it comes in these tiny 60 grams skeins which make you think you will never be able to finish a pair of socks but the yardage just goes on and on and on - I'm almost finished this sock for a size 7 shoe and there is plenty left for the next sock! This colorway is Northern Lights.

I need some help - thinking of new sock yarns? What fibers would you like?

Kona Superwash

I'd love some feedback!


Sock Hook'r said...

pretty pretty! How about some merino silk!

Karin said...

It looks lovely - I'd best add some Zen to my stash :)! I would vote for merino silk too, or perhaps different merino/tencels.

Patty said...

That looks lovely - I'd love to try cashmere :) For some reason I always think of gorgeous cashmere bed socks!

Monika said...

Cashmere! ;o)

Lisa K. said...

My Zen is making its way to me soon, but seeing yours on the needles is making me jealous! I vote for more merino/tencel blends too. Also, if there are any great springy cottons, I'd try them out in the summer. Also, I'm always interested in the more unusual fibers; bamboo, pineapple, banana, etc.