Thursday, November 30, 2006

I'm Moving.....

to Isobel's house! This is not the cutest yarn shop you've ever been in..............this is Isobel's knitting room. And I'm moving there - this is so much better than my dresser stuffed with my stash - this room celebrates Isobel's collection of yarn and books and anything knitting related. There's a TV, a comfy chair, a beautiful view outside and YARN! All kinds of yarn! Way to go, Isobel - this room is beautiful and you deserve it.

Today is my youngest daughter's 8th birthday - we are taking her to East Side Mario's for dinner - she wants all the servers to sing to her and get a chance to spin the wheel. Funny how when you're young those kinds of things seem like fun instead being horribly embarassing!

My husband is decorating the house for Christmas - it's driving me batty! It's his family coming this weekend and I say it's too early for Christmas decorations and he says it's a Christmas party. So I'm being the scrooge and he's being an elf!

The Yarn Exchange boxes went out yesterday to the US and today to Canada. I'm sure everything will be received in good time for Christmas.

And how is your weather? Ours is strange, very warm you don't even need coats. It's rainy today and the temperature is supposed to go down...........I hope it does because some of my plants are coming back. Everything's all confused.


KnickKname2B said...

Well, if the yarn exchange boxes went out, then it's time for a tree!! It went up today; lovely putting up the tree while visions of UMBRELLAS danced in our heads!!
I'm looking forward to a surprise under my Avon lady is usually the only real surprise I get and now this year I get sock yarn too...yeah, I know it's yarn...but I don't know which one or from who or any of that neat secret yarn exchange stuff! Have a good weekend and keep blogging...I miss you when you don't write!
Merry Christmas!! KnickKname2B

Isobel said...

Connie - you know you are welcome anytime for tea and Cream Cheese Fudge Pie.
My large order arrived today - and I wanted to say thank you so much for the sock patterns - and I the substitute Apple Pie MacIntosh is great - thank you for subsituting. It's always a joy to shop in your store.
I hope that the birthday dinner was a huge success - I love East Side Mario's - did everyone sing loud and clear?
Enjoy your dinner tomorrow night - don't fret over the little things.

Isobel said...

My yarn exchange box arrived today - the box is so sweet - it's sitting under the little tree upstairs, can't wait to see my yarn on Christmas morning.

Ordered my Mama Llama's Dye Pot Yarns (in Angelika Self Striping) and a Row Counting Bracelet. The yarn is for me and the bracelet for a Secret Santa gift along with a skein of sock yarn (haven't picked what I want to give up from my stash yet).
Connie I should be mailing my box to you by Friday - 2 pairs of mittens and a pair of mittens and socks to match. I should have one more pair done before Christmas if not it will be the first of the year.