Thursday, November 16, 2006

Another idea!

Pick Up Sticks Christmas Sock Yarn Exchange!

Don't you love a surprise?
Don't you want to find yarn under your tree this year?
How about a Sock Yarn Exchange?

Here's how it works:Purchase any of the following yarns in the color of your choice on the Pick Up Sticks Website. Each selection provides enough yarn for a beautiful pair of socks:

Claudia Handpainted (2 skeins)
Mama E's Ceyeber Fiber (1 skein)
Seacoast Handpainted Yarns (1 skein)
Spinning Bunny Yarn (1 skein)
Sweet Georgia Handpainted (1 skein)
(these yarns were chosen because they are all of similiar value)

Please choose the least expensive method of shipping - I will upgrade all shipping to air or expedited for no extra charge!

Add YARN EXCHANGE in the comments section of the invoice when checking out.

Here's what will happen:
The yarn you select will be sent to another yarn exchange participant (they will receive yarn selected by another participant and so on and so on) along with a FREE Wildhorse Designs sock pattern that I choose to go with the yarn. It will include a gift card with the sender's first name and email address. This way everyone can thank everyone else properly!

It's a "Secret Pal" exchange without all the work!

Deadline for ordering will be November 29th and all gifts will be mailed on December 1
in hopes that everyone gets the package in time for Christmas!

Each YARN EXCHANGE package will arrive in festive wrapping -- just open the box and your gift is ready to go under the tree!

Doesn't this sound like fun? Everyone loves surprises!
Ensure there's yarn under a knitter's tree this Christmas, and Pick Up Sticks will ensure there's yarn under your tree......just for you!


KnickKname2B said...

I LOVE IT...I'm so week --- I'm In!!!!
That is such a wonderfully, fabulous idea!!! Keep them coming; do you sleep at night or just lay there thinking of things?
See you at Pick Up Sticks!!

garden.chicken said...

That Yarn Harlot!! Honestly! :) I found you because of her, and have subsequently participated in your Yarn Exchange!

What a fun thing idea, thank you Pick Up Sticks for doing this! I'll look forward to checking the mailbox!

Amanda said...

This is a great idea. I'm completely addicted to sock yarn.