Thursday, November 16, 2006

I'm desperate!

Fall Birches

Black Knight

August Berries

Do you see these 3 colorways ov VvS 2ply merino?
Do you know what I'm doing with them?
Carrying them around in my knitting bag!
Logically, I know I cannot cast on one more project BUT.....this yarn is just screaming to be combined into a "Charlotte's Webby" kind of shawl. I've even decided that if I wanted all five colors I could add in Winter Pales and October Viburnums! Now I ask you, what is a girl to do?????


Dave said...

So ... have you cast on yet? :-)

KnickKname2B said...

Yeah Dave!! So Connie, just grab the needles, or buy more if you have to, and Cast Away...infact, I give you permission to call it the Cast Away Shawl! (If you don't like the name; I'll use it...someday!) The yarn DOES look gorgeous. Hope to see it tonight! I'm glad you're having so much fun with all your yarn :-)
Keep on Knitting (or maybe just casting!) KnickKname2B

prairiegirl said...

How long can you hold out? Those yarns are beautiful! I'd be itching to get knitting too!