Wednesday, May 09, 2007


No mail today! Ugh! There is tons of yarn on the way to me. Tons I say! Over 90 skeins of Briar Rose, who I read today is a Rhinebeck vendor with the "most coveted yarns"! More Mini Maiden, 37 solids from Shelridge Farm, over 100 skeins of Artyarns Ultramerino 4. And today I ordered more Duets! Yes I did - Angela has a new Skinny Duets made from thinner yarn and it's on order - lots and lots of it is on order!

See this little pony - she's a mini horse and stands just 38 inches at the shoulder. We're going to see her on Sunday - she's very inexpensive and needs a good home - bet we come home with her. She's 11 and will make Emma go crazy with joy!

Oh and today is McHappy Day - at least in Canada - so I went to McDonald's for lunch and guess what? Firefighters and police officers served at both drive through windows. What is it about a man in a uniform? I think I might go back for dinner :)

Fingers crossed for an update tomorrow!


Vanessa said...

Oh, that is one beautiful mini!! Is she broke to ride?? Just bought my 2 yr old daughter a mini last fall (always said I liked to look at them but would never own one-til I had a tiny framed, daughter with the horse craze bug even WORSE than I've ever had!!) I was terrified she'd get accidentially stomped by our Canadian horses' big feet, and her brother didn't want to share his welsh/shetland/hackney, so "Prince" came to live with us, and she just loves to play with him!! He sure has attitude though-thinks he's 10 ft tall and bullet proof!
Anyways, hope you get that pretty lil mini mare, and I can't wait to see the new yarns!!
Love the ones I've bought from you already, and the little extras you included! : )

Isobel said...

If I went to see the horse it would be coming home with me too.
Hopefully you will have all the new yarns up in the store by next week.