Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Socks for My Sister

Yarn: Shelridge Farms Ultra in Green Apple
Pattern: Merino Lace Socks from Favorite Socks

Here's the finished sock - during the knitting of this one I decided to give them to my sister for her birthday which is in August. Certainly I will have enough time to complete the second one. I love this yarn and loved this pattern!

This monster ball measuring 6 inches across and 4.5 inches high is Fourth of July by Briar Rose Fibers.
It's 550 yds and truly, I've wound lots of balls of yarn but have never seen one this big. There's probably enough here for socks and mittens to match - don't you think that would make a great Christmas gift? There's for sure enough for matching mom and daughter socks - unbelievable value! And the colors...............well, unbelievable describes them too!
Any of my readers going to Indigo on Friday night for the Yarn Harlot? We should meet up or something......


Barbie O. in Montreal said...

I'll be there for sure--booked the babysitter for the daughter and pets, organized a bed with a knitting buddy who will join me for the Representing, pubbing and yarn crawl and now all I have to do is wait for Friday to get in my car and DRIVE! Really looking forward to it and hopefully putting some faces to names that I have been "introduced to" over the internet--so how will we recognize each other? Being the one who is knitting WON'T be the way to distinguish us with this crowd! Can't even tell you what I'll be wearing or knitting but for sure I'll have on my tortoise shell reading/knitting glasses with their funky lime green metallic chain dotted with turquoise glass beads--not a flower in the lapel but pretty unique I.D. I think. See you there I hope! Cheers

Anonymous said...

WOW!! I'm planning on going too; haven't really thought about what to wear or even what to bring to knit...just excited to be going! Going to miss the pub and crawl, but will REPRESENT with the best of them!! See you there, Lynn

Andrea said...

I'm planning on going to Indigo and to the after party. Still trying to decide which sock to bring as my date.

Ann said...

The green sock looks really good & the colors of the 4th of July is gorgeous.