Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Bebop Comes In and.....

STR Sock Club Spoiler in this entry! goes out....these are some of the boxes going today with Bebop, Fleece Artist and Apple Laine. There's still some Bebop left is some great colors so it's not too late. There still more boxes that should be in this pile and that's my plan for this morning! I promised some knitting and I have knitting!
This is the sock that I started at the Knitter's Frolic - just my basic 60 stitch sock. It's using Seacoast Panda Sock in The Good Earth. This is great yarn and the dyeing is really great - no pooling, very squishy feel and the colors are beautiful.

This is the STR Sock Club yarn. Oh my, oh my! It's fantastic! It's a brand new yarn called Silky Socks That Rock in Walking on the Wild Tide. It came with a very lacy pattern but I just had to knit it plain to enjoy all the colors!

I've conquered the mitered square blanket - I'm making it out of Koigu Kersti - so far, so good!

And now for some spoilers of my own - I was a very busy girl yesterday and got some fantastic new yarns coming to the shop! Seems I'm always spending money on yarn.....justified by the fact that it's not really for me but for all of you! So let's see - without any formal introductions here's some of what's just around the corner for Pick Up Sticks!

Oh and these too! :)


janet said...

Wow! The new surprises look beautiful. Can't wait! I just purchased two hanks of the Seacoast Panda myself--Blueberries and Apricots and Sea Pinks--and can't wait to cast on. Yours looks great.

Kate said...

Looks enticing! I have a question though Connie, any chance that you'll also carry STR? I can't seem to find it anywhere here in Canada, nor in Seattle. Not that you don't have fabulous yarns already, I just see so many people raving over STR and would love to get my hands on it!

Susan P said...

I see someone else has discovered Briar Rose. I knew that was one of Chris's colors. Sh is a master of shading - no abrupt changes whatsoever, just a harmonious whole. I am currently knitting the trinity shawl from VL with her Sea Pearl in a color just like the one you have up on the blog. Gorgeous!

Speaking of gorgeous, love the blue swatch - yummy!


chris said...


OMG - the new stuff looks gorgeous!!! I received a bunch of Cookie A's sock patterns as a gift and those are some amazing patterns that she's written.