Thursday, May 03, 2007

I'm in love.....

you would be too - if this happened to your DPNs!

My friend Angela, an amazing seamstress, knitter, crafter has started a new business and this is one of her first products. Isn't it brilliant? I had 13 sets of DPNs making a mess in my knitting bag and now I have this tidy, little, very funky roll. Look for them at Pick Up Sticks soon! Angela is also working on a circular holder that promises to be just as wonderful!

And to add to my all ready very busy life, I've decided I would like one of these. Do I consistently finish "pairs" of socks? NO! Do I even consistently finish "a sock" before starting another one? NO! Do I know one single thing about spinning? NO! So there you have it....I've officially lost my marbles! :)


Nancy said...

Connie, the rolls for the needles are very nice. I know what you mean about the spinning wheel. I think I would like that to be my next craft but I need another craft like I need another hole in my head.

Great seeing you at the show and hope to drop in on you again.


Carina said...

YAY! I'm surprised you're not a spinner already. I love it, nothing as soothing as using a wheel. The Louet Victoria is supposed to be amazing, too. I almost want to get it, but I already have an Ashford Joy.

And spinning sort of forces you to finish your projects because you need to clear all your bobbins for new projects! Unless you spin half of the fibre and then wind it off... Or have an endless supply og bobbins... Nevermind. I'll stick with my original opinion for now.

And if you start selling spinning fibre, I'll never leave the online store...

Anonymous said...

I love the DPN holder roll thingie!
And I alos want to learn to spin, altugh I thought I'd just start witha drop spindle. Easier on the budget right? Yeah, that's it.

heather s

Andrea said...

Might need to buy one of those needle rolls.

And that's my dream wheel. But I think that learning to spin could be dangerous. Than I can feed my addiction without leaving my apartment.

Anonymous said...

The needle rolls look fab and are just what I need. Another item for the must have wish list from your collection. Oh that starting, or wanting to start something else before finishing what we are working on sounds sooo familiar. I have put off the learning to spin for awhile, so I can concentrate on my knitting, but still want to pursue the dream soon. Go with your creative heart and enjoy Connie!
Helen, Perth WA