Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Finished socks and a big horsey ride!

Liam went for his first ride on the big horse, Lex with Emma. Daddy was standing by to make sure everything was ok. Andy used to be a professional jockey before a back injury sidelined that career. Looks like Liam might be following right in his foot steps. He sure loves the horses!

A finished pair? Unusual I know - these are Artyarns Color 134 in Cookie A's Monkey pattern. I read somewhere that this pattern could become the next Jaywalker in terms of popularity! It's true - really fun to knit! And...well, the yarn - good, very, very good!

Here's a finished sock in Briar Rose Fourth of July. Very quick kniit with amazing colors. And of course, no matching mate - I can only do so much!

I've got a new goal - I have two unfinished socks in my knitting bag both of which I'm going to finish and then I will not pick up any new yarn until I FINISH A FEW PAIRS!

Aurora/Newmarket Yarn Crawl and Knit in Public Day is on! Saturday, June 9, 2007 Yahoo! Email me for a flyer if you are interested in participating! It's going to be fun, fun, fun - I love nothing better than spending time with other knitters - lots and lots of other knitters! pickupsticks(AT)


Angela said...

I'm back (in Canada), I'm in (knit crawl) and I'm all caught up (Grey's).



Susan Pandorf said...

Ah Connie! Good to know that I am not the only one afflicted with S3 (single sock syndrome.) Between Sheri at Loopy Ewe, you and I, we could probably put together about 8 pair.

I have joined the blogiverse. All of you out there in blogland have inspired me. Come visit me at:
and make my day.

Ann said...

Such lovely socks - in your business it is understandable to have just 1 sock. My daughter says that it's cool to wear mismatched socks, so you may be starting a trend.