Saturday, May 26, 2007

REPRESENT in pictures....

Finally it's time to go - here we are with the Pick Up Sticks mobile! I'm on the left, Sarah's on the right and my sister's in front.

Here's our knitting heading west on Finch Ave. We were stopped in traffic - although I have always wished I could drive and knit!

Here's Meghan - the pattern design genius behind the Pick Up Sticks Sock Club patterns. See that little bump - she's having her first baby in October. We couldn't be happier for her and Nick! And we cannot get over how darn cute she looks!

Here's Lisa and Sarah making their way down to the subway - Sarah looks a bit excited, don't you think? She was worried we'd be late!

Here's Lisa and Meg on the subway - kind of scary for country bumpkins like us! We hadn't been on the subway in ages -

Here we are at Indigo - looks like they didn't believe Stephanie when she told them how many people were coming - there was only about 100 chairs (if that!) and lots of knitters! They didn't even move displays in the area around where everything took place. It would have freed up alot of standing room. The employees were very helpful, if a little dumb founded by all of us with sticks in our hands.

Lots and lots and lots of knitters...............whhoooopeee!

More crowds gathering on the upper level.

The moment we've been waiting for - here she is....Stephanie Pearl McPhee - our much loved Yarn Harlot!

Stephanie was entertaining, witty and hysterically funny! Well worth the trip and the wait!

At the book signing - Meghan's knitting tattoo captured Stephanie's attention!

You can just see it on her left arm in this shot - I've never wanted a tattoo until I saw hers - now I'd love to have a knitting tattoo.

Here's the chicks from Pick Up Sticks with Stephanie - I'm holding the 'sock'! This is the yarn that I sent when I first started Pick Up Sticks. It's Virginia van Santen's sock yarn in Spring Greens. How proud she would be of her yarn travelling with the Yarn Harlot! I was able to get my own book signed and also have one for Pick Up Sticks. There will be a draw held on Friday June 1 for a signed copy of Stephanie Pearl McPhee Casts Off. All orders placed this week (May 26 until May 31)will be entered and have a chance to win!

Stay tuned for details on the York Region Yarn Crawl and Knit in Public Day. It's Saturday June 9th so mark your calendars if you are a local knitter! I'm putting together a day of touring our local shops with some stops to show off our knitting {and eat, of course!}! Let's have a big turn out!


Andrea said...

Great pics! It was kind of nutty there last night.

Valerie said...

I thought I saw you there Connie and now I can see from your pictures that it was you. In fact, I was right behind Meghan in line for the signing and didn't even know it! I noticed the beautiful sock she was knitting, though. The yarn was gorgeous. Do you know what kind it is?
I was about to ask if it was you and introduce myself when it was my turn to go up and, of course, I couldn't keep Stephanie waiting.

Isobel said...

Looks like a great night. I know what you mean about the venue underestimating, it happened here to, one day the rest of the world will catch on to how large a group we knitters are. I can tell from your beaming faces a good time was had by all.

deirdre said...

Thanks for the pics - I was so sorry I couldn't get there! And Connie, is it possible to get a close-up shot of Megan's tattoo? My girlfriend and I are thinking of taking the plunge this summer, and are looking everywhere for knitting-related pictures...

-- jlb said...

D'oh! Looking at the angle of the photos you got - I was in that crowd just a bit to your right. I am too short though - I didn't manage to spot ANYone who told me they might be there in that hoard! I realize now I did see Megan, how cool - I have some ink myself so of COURSE I'd notice that, just had no idea who she was.

Was a fun time nonetheless, though I find it a bit surreal - seeing people you "know" but don't know from your blog associations.

Ann said...

It must be a great event & with all the knitters in 1 room. Wow! Wonder when Stephanie will come down under to us here in Australia.

Anonymous said...

Great entry Connie; thank-you! Wish I could've made it. I'll be looking to get into the June 9th Party!! The rest of the world really needs to catch up--or rather--slow down to enjoy our knitting company!!
See you soon, LOL Lynn

Angela said...



Sandra said...

If you have info about the York Region Yarn Craw and KIP day - let me know! The York Region Knitting Guild will hae a booth at the Aurora Street Festival this Sunday June 3rd, and we can give out the info!

Meghan said...

Hi Valerie -- the sock I was knitting was just plain Trekking yarn... I'm not sure of the colour number. It was just a plain stockinette sock with a scalloped cuff. I didn't want to work on the Pick Up Sticks June sock at the Harlot event so I could keep the pattern a surprise, so I thought a plain sock would be just the ticket (although, shame, the yarn didn't come from Pick Up Sticks).

Hi Deirdre -- Connie posted a close-up of my knitting tattoo on the Pick Up Sticks sock club blog If you're thinking of taking the plunge this summer, book an appointment now with a reputable artist. Most book up well ahead of time -- and you don't want to go somewhere that just takes you in "off the street!"

Valerie said...

Thanks for the details, Meghan! I wanted to bring my sock club sock, too, but didn't for the same reason. But I have the cuff and part of the leg done on the first sock and it is a gorgeous pattern. I showed my young daughters the cuff and they squealed, "It's a seashell!" so I guess I did it properly. Thanks for the great pattern.

Anonymous said...

I saw the Sock of the Month on Words and Wool...I'm really sorry I missed that one!! Always the way isn't it? So many socks; so little time...there seems to be a trend here doesn't there? Knitting everything=not enough time! I just want to that so wrong?
Have a great day everybody!

Meredith said...

HEY! I saw you guys there! I completely remember the tattoo and I was only a few people behind you in line for the book signing! How funny is that? Anyways, wasn't it a fantastic time? You're right, she is an amazing funny woman. Maybe next time I'll get a chance to meet you (my yarn dealer *snicker*) too!! *grin*