Friday, May 11, 2007


This is my little grandson, Liam - guess what he had for dinner last night? He was at Gwanny's (that's me - don't even ask how I got that version of grandma)for dinner. He loves spaghetti.

It's so funny because I have a picture of his mom at almost the same age with exactly the same thing all over her face.

New yarn coming to the shop - lovely stuff but not for about 3 weeks! I love the subtle color variations.

This is Artyarns Ultramerino 4 in Color 134. A few years back I bought Ultramerino 8 for my LYS and loved it - this is even nicer, I think! It's so springy! so cushy! It's making great Monkey socks. It's really unlike alot of the merino yarn I've tried - in a very, very good way!

Thanks for all the feedback (by comments and by email) on the prize draws versus free shipping! Free shipping at $70 CAD it is!


Monika said...

I wanted to ask you to show a picture of Artyarns Ultramerino 4 in multicolor, and here it already is. I've used this with an almost solid teal color. It's wonderful to knit with.

Karin said...

What a sweetie! The spaghetti pictures are some of my favourites :). A little late, but to chime in, the free shipping is my choice too - it's a rare day when I can't find enough to put in my cart :) to qualify.
(OT - haven't read Birth House yet, but my Dad's family is from Scots Bay, have some pictures in a recent blog post, if you wanted to take a peek).