Monday, February 19, 2007

Well, I now know what caused all the activity last week - I got an amazing mention on the Lime and Violet Podcast! Thanks to Manon and Karin who both told me about it. I should have known something like that was going exciting! In my search to actually hear the podcast I discovered iTunes - which I actually did know about but never used - I've now downloaded lots of songs and subscribed to knitting podcasts. My birthday is on Thursday so now I want a Red iPod - yup, has to be red because that benefits aids in Africa.

I love what the Yarn Harlot wrote last week about knitter's not getting the recognition they deserve. And how I would love to go to New York for the book launch! That would be the most exciting thing to do!

Not much knitting content - I have ripped out my husband's sock (self striping pictured a couple of posts ago)twice - the first time it was too small and I knew it was too small, but kept knitting for 6 inches before letting him try it on. Yesterday, I was knitting it again, with more stitches, and larger needles for another 6 inches and then decided that the gauge on the leg of the sock was too loose, so rip it back to the cuff and changed to smaller needles. The weird thing about this, and I bet I'm not alone, is that I knew that neither of the first two tries were right but still kept on knitting. Sarah says it because you hope something will change as you keep knitting - like it will suddenly get bigger or your tension will get tighter. Logically, we all know that will not happen - but still on we knit until it's painful to have to rip it out.

Notice all the links - I'm getting good at the blogger thing :)


Anonymous said...

FYI: Words and Wool also mentioned and pictured you again!
Happy birthday on Thursday; I have to wish you an early one because on Thursday I'll be on my way to...STITCHES!!! WOOOHOOO!!!
And, yes, I knit knowing that I'll be ripping out :-(
And, I'm hoping that the Canadian book launch of the Harlot's will be some kind of big party too! Why should New York have all the fun?! See you after Stitches!

Patty said...

WooHoo!! That's so great that you were mentioned. You should be! You do such an excellent job.
After next weekend I will be able to hear the knitting podcasts myself.....because I'm am purchasing an MP3 on Saturday. Yeh!!

Susan said...

I call the sock thing the Goldilocks Syndrome, hereby abbreviated to GS.GS means basically, you have to try too small and too big, before you find just right. This weekend I finished the first fleece artist sock which was (all together now) too big. then I started Evelyn Clark's waving lace sock out of IK because I couldn't face having to rip out an entire sock. Guess what? (I bet you're way ahead of me here!)Once I got to the heel it rapidly became apparent that it was (wait for it)too small. So have ripped lace sock back to beginning and given FA sock to my 19-year-0ld son, who can't wait for the other one to come off the needles.Hopefully, all will now come out just right.

Oy! GS strikes again.

Alyssa said...

Congrats on the Lime & Violet mention! You have a terrific store. Not sure if you saw, but I used some of that Louet Gems I bought from you a few weeks ago to make some lovely Endpaper mitts (pics on the blog, Feb. 12 post).

And welcome to the world of iTunes. It's almost as addicting as sock knitting. hehe

Isobel said...

Best wishes on the notaritiy, you deserve it. I am going the to launch in Pittsburgh on March 30th, dragging husband with me, solidrity all over, not just New York. As for the frogging - I think you're right, we assume that if we keep on going it will magically work out, but alas, it never does.