Friday, February 23, 2007

Big Blog Today


This is from my sister. It's a Willow Tree called Quiet Strength. I love Willow Tree and have quite a collection. And I love horses! Nothing could be nicer. Thank you Lisa!

These are from Sarah - the most beautiful shawl pin - I just love it! And Koigu KPPPM - what to get a girl who has a yarn shop - Koigu, of course! I'm going to use this to make Monkey Socks!

Here is Miss E - modelling my Debbie Bliss Super Chunky Cashmerino cardigan that Sarah finished just in time for my birthday.....I knit the back and could not bring myself to continue so Sarah finished it for me. What a wonderful friend! I'm so lucky!
I also got a great picture of my grandson and Emma, a pretty spring plant and TWO CHOCOLATE CAKES! Not to mention the Red iPod engraved and everything!
This came today - Gus the delivery guy asked me where I would like the order. I said, oh, just bring it to the porch. He said, lady, it's a skid! A skid - unbelievable! They are boxes to make sure your orders get there safe and sound - where I'm going to store them is another question altogether. My husband says, honey - what did you do? Not sure what I was thinking!

This should be here early next week - it's Zen Yarn Garden Cashmere Sock Yarn! I think we should all knit cashmere bed socks, sit and each chocolates!
And finally, being the Grey's Anatomy fan that I am - I am so flipping happy that Meredith was not dead!


janet said...

Just when I promised to slow down on sock yarn buying! That Zen cashmere looks unbelievably luxurious. Gotta have some.

z said...

OMG! you are just the luckiest woman alive... do you know how freakin' excited i'd be if a *SKID* of yarn showed up on my driveway!? LOL.

Happy Belated Birthday from another Pisces gal!

Roxanne said...

Me too on Meredith and oh my on the amount of boxes delivered. At first glance I thought wheee, she really got that much yarn??!! :)

Isobel said...

when will it be in the store front - I just bought 3 skeins of Yarntini and told myself that's it for the month, then sock club arrived in the mail and fell in love, now you show me this - what are you trying to do kill me.

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday!

That shawl pin is beautiful.
I'm on a whole "knit from the stash" thing and your blog isn't helping. That purpley gry cashmere in the corner of the pic is calling to me.

Heather said...

ooooohh! Beautiful yarns and beautiful shawl pin. Happy Belated birthday from a de-lurker.

Karin said...

Lucky you! The shawl pin is beautiful and lovely Koigu too. The Zen Garden looks irresistible - of course, when you I ever resist an addition to my sock yarn collection?

Helen said...

Getting boxes delievered to the front door is half the fun when running a yarn store. The Zen is just so tempting. Love the colour of the Koigu and pin.

Carina said...

De-lurking, as requested!

VERY happy that Meredith didn't die, and that we got to see... Jeffrey Dean Morgan! W00t! Sorry, couldn't help myself.

Geez, you're really killing my yarn budget. I finally convince myself that I have enough yarn, then you go and have a sale, and now you have so much new stuff coming that I want to try. Guess it's bread and butter for lunch for the next month...

Patty said...

My DH just told me the other day that he thought I had an addiction to yarn. I told him I probably did but I believe that everyone has a love of something that sometimes we just adore it so much that we might just go overboard at times. Now, that's every one except my DH.
I assured him that I would knit all my yarn. Well....maybe.
Then I see this Zen cashmere yarn....well, I just won't be able to help myself. So he will just have to shake his head again...and I will have to say I won't do it again (till the next time).
He's just lucky my deliveries don't arrive on SKIDS like Connie's. I would love to see the expression on his face if it did. LOL
Happy belated Birthday!