Saturday, February 03, 2007

Big Splurge!

Guess what I did this morning? Treated myself to an early birthday present - turning 46 this month! I joined the Blue Moon Fibres Sock Club - after the big bank fiasco with them, I registered on the waiting list and this morning I got a confirmation number. So I did it - I mean it's not as if I have enough sock yarn - I don't think you can ever have too much! Happy Birthday to me!

And here is Barkley - the monster that woke me up yesterday with his barking. He was named Barkley for the dog on Sesame Street because he looked so much like him when he was a puppy.


Dawne said...

Lucky you Connie! ... I'm still on the waiting list :(

Sarah said...

OMG Connie I had to come back to finishe reading your post because as soon as I heard you registered I had to check my email. Yippee we are in the club

Anonymous said...

hey its my birthday this month and i joined your sock club as my treat-all things are relative chris

Isobel said...

Connie - I hope you got one of mine, yes I said one of mine. I ended up with BMFA Socks That Rock Memberships, it was a huge computer error after the disaster with their first bank. I placed an order with I paid for my sock club and they accepted it, I then repaid just for the sock club, so I had two. Last week we straightened it all out and I will get a credit for one of the clubs. It would be great if you got the space I gave up, my birthday present to you. I am waiting everyday now for February to arrive. I love Barkley, he looks so much like Scotia, exactly the same colour, although these days my "little" shih tzu is about 18 lbs (she loves her daddy more because he treats). My Islay is about 8lbs so he will have to be my "little" shih tzu.
It is so cold here this morning that all the local school districts are closed, and they just announced that the Pittsburgh Zoo is also closed today. It was -2F. this morning and with the wind chill it was -20F. The high today will be 9 and with the wind chill it will be -5, and I have to take both shih tzu's to get groomed, poor babies.