Monday, February 05, 2007

More Charity Knitting

More charity knitting arrived on Friday - 3 pairs of socks from Suzanne! Thank you so much! Everyone at Yellow Brick House is very pleased with our donations!

I had a very knitty weekend - seems I didn't do much but knit. It's absolutely freezing here and so going outside was not something I was inspired to do. But I was inspired to watch movies and knit almost all weekend. Pure joy!

This morning I was watching Breakfast Television and there was a woman who gave a knitted hat and scarf to one of the reporters BUT she knit it on some round kind of thing with teeth. Reminds me of some corking kind of thing but bigger. The hat and scarf were lovely but really - someone has got to get that woman some needles so she can appreciate the soothing click, click of them.

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