Friday, October 27, 2006

More Bell Canada trouble!

Some of you may remember my rant about Emily, Bell Canada's automated assistant. Well, I've had another go round with Bell - not an automated assitant this time but 1-800 number was not being picked up by Call Answer (Bell's voicemail system) so I phoned to get it rectified. First I tried the home phone division - not much conversation with anyone there because I spent most of the time on hold - I was told that I have something called Just One which means, if my home phone is not answered, then it goes to my cell phone and if that's not answered,then it goes back to my home voice mail. I don't have that - I told them I don't have that - I told them that never happens. They wouldn't listen - they said yes you do! I needed to be transferred to the business department - before I got transferred, the agent thanked me for calling because it was a good learning experience for her -WHAT!!!??? It just got better and better at the business department - they couldn't figure it out - and the agent in that department told me I needed to contact the people I bought the line from. What was he talking about? I'm a Bell Canada customer - no outside purchases for lines - I have Bell long distance, Bell phone service, Bell cell phone. I told him I didn't know what he was talking about and he said the problem is not for the business department, I needed to go back to the home phone department. Ok so I lost it - what exactly do these people get paid for? How hard can it be to get a line picked up by voice mail? They filled out a repair request and it took over 5 days to get the problem sorted out. I still don't know what the problem is but I do have 1-800 being answered now for messages. Why oh why is calling Bell an complete exercise in frustration?

There's good news at Pick Up Sticks - FREE SHIPPING TO CANADA AND THE U.S. - it took awhile to make this change but everything is working perfectly so feel free to take advantage of it. I'm hoping Mind Eye Yarns is at the post office today - might be optimistic to think that a package could make it here in 7 days. Although, I've had orders going out make it in 7 days!

I'm plugging away on the Log Cabin - should be finished this weekend. There will be pictures next week. I'm donating 3 of the Log Cabin kits to Stuart Scott Public School Silent Auction - my sister works tirelessly for that school so hopefully they will bring in some much needed money for the school.

It's a P.D. day today and the 7 year old princess is wanting oatmeal - the teenage boy turns 17 this Sunday. He has managed to find work but nothing full time yet - no one wants to hire him - they'd rather he be back in school. If only, he could see into his future -

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z said...

omgoodness... i FEEL YOUR PAIN! eons ago i called up Bell and asked them to take me off the $20 a month long distance plan (no use having it really, i never made up to $20 in long distance calls). no problem, right?

wrong. after listening to Emily forever and a day and finally getting a real person on the line... they took long distance off the phone completely!! and trying to get it back without paying some stupid big fee (even though the mistake was Bell Canada's, not ours) was just too much for me and my SO to handle. we just use long distance phone cards now.

stupid Bell. Bell from Hell.