Thursday, October 05, 2006

And the winner is.......

CHRIS! Chris guessed second sock from the right - the bright blue one and she was right! Congratulations! Send me an email with your address info etc. and your Pick Up Sticks Signature Yarn will be on the way!
pickupsticks at zing(hyphen)net(dot)ca

I've been busy, busy, busy working on my Clapotis scarf in Salome Painted Yarns. What an absolute thrill to drop a stitch on purpose! Pictures will be posted soon.

My husband and I are off the Cranberry Cove Resort in Muskoka for the weekend. He found the resort and made the arrangements and everything. He's a good guy - I'm gonna keep this one!

Just got home from my grandma's and guess what I found on the carpet. Poop! Not itty bitty Shih Tzu poop but giant Golden Retriever poop. Yuck! She must have been desperate because this never happens.

Ok so - this post is all over the place - I'm short on time but had to post the winner today - I'm off to join the Cast Offs for knitting tonight and then home to watch Dr. McDreamy!

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Hulahoop said...

Oh Congratulations to Chris! I'm envious!
Too bad I had to miss the Castoffs last night...I hope you had a great time. I'll be there next week...maybe you'll join us for dinner first!
Bring socks!