Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Finally something finished! The Log Cabin is finished - well - the knitting is done, it just needs the ends sewn in and blocking! I'm thrilled with the way it turned out. It took 21 balls of Mission Falls which retail for just under $80 (because it's on sale at Pick Up Sticks for $3.75/ball )- not a bad deal at all! I could have made it a bit bigger but I do have to say that even the excitement of changing colors gets old!

My Clapotis is moments from being completed as well - I, hopefully, will be blocking it this afternoon and can post pictures. Yup - two posts in one day - when it rains, it pours! I have to say the VvS Painted Yarns is a dream to work with and the color, Salome, is amazing. The scarf took 2 skeins of yarn. Virginia is one talented dyer! Yesterday, I received a color card of her new sock yarn and I must go off my yarn buying diet today to order some for the shop! I wound all of the VvS yarn into center pull balls and scanned the balls for the shop. The colors show up much better that way!

It's raining AGAIN today! And on Halloween and everything! Hopefully, it will clear up for the little trick or treaters later tonight! It's rained so much that I am actually wishing it would snow instead (am I crazy?) - the horses are covered in mud, the dogs come in a mess, everyone's shoes are muddy - I'm constantly sweeping dried mud at the front door. Ugh!

Oh by the way - tomorrow is opening day for Little Ones Tack Shop! It's my daughter's new venture - she has a small shop here in the barn selling horsey stuff for kids and ponies. I'm so proud of her - it seems she inherited my entrepreneurial spirit! She wants to stay home with the baby and hopes to make a go of this business! Her stuff is very cute and very original - so if you are local and need horse stuff check it out!


keri said...

Very pretty, love the colors!

Monika said...

Nice blanket. Doesn't it feel great to be finished with it? I'm on my second Log Cabin blanket and can finally see the end (in another couple of weeks).