Saturday, September 02, 2006


How time flies when you're having fun? It's September all ready - and today feels like it. No rain yet from the dregs of Ernesto but apparently it's supposed to be a miserable long Labor Day weekend. I do have some pictures - how about that?

Here is the finished hat for my grandson - 1.5 inches longer than last time. It's knit from Apple Laine Yarn in Old Blue Jeans - one the Handpainted Lites. It was great to work with!

Next is the picture of my latest sock in progress - just a basic pattern but the yarn is anything but basic. It's Stillwater Speed Demon from Sweet Georgia. Everytime a box of this yarn arrives I am astounded at the colors. Felicia is amazing and the yarn is sheer pleasure to work with.

I have lots to do this week coming up - we are leaving for the Knitter's Fair on Friday afternoon and I have books to price, samples to tag, stitch markers to make. And lots of new yarn arriving -the last part of my Sweet Georgia order, Posh Yarns is making it's way across the pond from the UK and......40 colors of Claudia Handpainted is on the way. Yup, 40 colors which will mean lots of picture taking for the website.
Plus school starts - that means following Emma's school bus on Tuesday to meet her at the school and seeing if the teenage boy is actually going to go to school. And lunches again - I really, really dislike packing lunches!

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Heather said...

I like the hat!!

I sent you an email about the sock pattern.