Wednesday, September 13, 2006

More fair pics...

Thanks to Sarah who got this shot of the crowd from Saturday! It was a wild day!

You can't see me but I would be the one with my mouth hanging open in amazement!

Here's a picture of the Sweet Georgia side of the table - in the basket at the back are Painted Yarns - they did really well at the show - one skein does a pair of socks and they are super cozy!

The back shelving held Fable Handknits which sold like crazy! It is the softest alpaca ever and the colors are to die for!

The table held Apple Pie Yarn - kits and individual skeins. The shawl on display is the Glorious Garter Shawl. The kits also did very well. The pattern for the kits uses every bit of each of the 5 skeins which I think is great - no waste!
Yesterday was spent adjusting inventory on the website and finishing up adding the Claudia Handpainted - already I have to re-order about 13 colors! I was reading on a blog today about sock colors for men and she does some great ones - check out Ink or Navy Olive just to name a couple.

My Posh Yarn has been kidnapped and held for ransom! Dee worked very, very hard to get that yarn to me in time for the show and on Friday (the day I was leaving) I received a notice from Canada Customs that the yarn was being held for clearing. Clearing means you need to pay for your yarn to get it. I called and they said I needed to go to an actual customs office to fill out the appropriate paperwork - and guess what? - the closest office was about 45 minutes away. So on Monday morning, my sister and I took off to go rescue my yarn. After struggling through the paperwork, driving 45 minutes, almost being side swiped by another driver not paying attention - the Customs Officer suggests that I probably should just get a Customs Broker - it would be much easier and they just charge a bit to handle all of this for you. So where is a Customs Broker I ask? Oh there's one in the town where you live. Really! So now my Posh Yarn is in the hand of a Customs Broker and hopefully, it will find it's way to me by Friday! Hmmmm!

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KnickKname2B said...

The pictures look awesome; I will need to have another look at your site!
Customs Brokers can be found in the Yellow Pages. We used one in Newmarket that seemed to have a good reputation and knew the ropes (it wasn't for yarn, but that only makes it more enjoyable to work with --- we all know that!)
Have a good day; keep on blogging!!