Tuesday, September 12, 2006

KW Knitter's Fair

Wow! Wow! Wow! That's about all I can say - the Knitter's Fair was a resounding success and I'm sure they broke attendance records this year. The hall was packed. Our booth was packed - it was so exciting!

I met Amy Singer of Knitty fame and got stickers for my truck - Laura of Cosmicpluto and Lettuce Knit stopped in and then did me the honour of a mention on her blog!

Here's my Pick Up Sticks team - Lisa on the left, Meghan in the middle and Sarah on the right. They were invaluable and I wouldn't have wanted to be there without them.

Here's a shot of the back's of our jackets. You can't see very well but each jacket was embroidered with the website address.

Here's little old me! I stood there like that all day welcoming thousands to our booth???!!!! Actually this was just before the doors opened and it would be the only time all day that the booth was empty.

In the lower left corner is Meghan's Butterflynet Knits Lace and Sock Yarn - her yarn made it's debut at the show and the lace almost sold out. And.....she got a new wholesale order from another shop! It's beautiful stuff!

And of course, Sweet Georgia! So many people were so happy to see it in person! No picture could possibly do it any justice.

Tomorrow I will post pictures of the crowds - Sarah has them on her camera and when she reads this I'm sure she'll send them to me.

After the show was over, we treated ourselves to dinner at the Outback where we ate way, way too much! Then it was back to the hotel for an evening of tea (two pots), knitting, spinning (Sarah bought the most beautiful spinning wheel) and movies - we watched the Devil Wears Prada. Doesn't that sound like pure bliss? I kept thinking that we need to do this more often. It was so much fun! And.....only the kind of fun that other knitters would appreciate. We also planned lots of new stuff for the shop so stay tuned for that. Oh and KnickKname2B - thanks for sending your friends by to say hello - it was nice to meet them!

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KnickKname2B said...

You are so sweet to mention me! I got my delivery...my husband had to make two trips to the post office as he was two minutes too late (and none too happy!!)
Anyway...the yarn is gorgeous! And thank-you for the extra goodies! ;) I won't give any secrets away!
My friends emailed that they had seen you too; one of these years I WILL get there!!
Glad that you had such fun! Wishing you continued success.