Monday, September 18, 2006

Stormy Day.....

Here's my Claudia Handpainted sock in Stormy Day colorway. You can see in the close up how just a bit of blue peeks through all of the grey - just like a Stormy Day - especially like the stormy days we been seeing in Southern Ontario for most of the summer. This is a basic sock recipe that worked very well - my first one out of my head and not off paper. Not that it was any great feat - I mean when you've knit 100 single socks you should really have some idea how it works, right? Right!

I ordered some new yarn today - yup I did and I'm very, very excited about it. More from the talented Felicia of Sweet Georgia. Lace yarn seems very popular so I have added Sweet Georgia Silk/Merino blend in lace weight (it's called Silk Lamb) and worsted weight - yipee! happy! happy! happy! I'm not sure when it will be in - I do know that about half of my order in Handpainted Sock will be in just after the beginning of October. I will keep you posted - and promise that you'll know when I know.

It doesn't appear that the Teenage Boy is going to stay in school. I've been very good about not getting up to wake him up - my only concession was another alarm clock - but he missed every day last week. He was at school today but I got an attendance notice that said he missed all but the last period - we are going to look at alternatives - apparently there are ways to earn credit so we'll see. If only he could fast forward 20 years and see how important an education is.

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