Friday, September 29, 2006

Look What Happened!

See this? This is definitely not my fault. It seems to be yet another new sock cast on the needles. Now - there is a perfectly logical explanation and it is absolutely, under no circumstances, not my fault.

Last night, I joined the Castoffs (an incredible group of women who've been meeting for a long time and were kind enough to invite me to join them). Yesterday I announced a contest on my blog for someone to guess which was the next sock I was knitting in my quest to finish the partners for my poor lonely single socks. Ok - so - several of the Castoffs read my blog and have made a guess for the contest. So I could not, in all good conscience, show up there last night with the sock I was working on and give them an unfair advantage over other's who were playing along as well. The only viable solution to this dilemma was to cast on a new sock. So there you have it, not my fault! Who's fault it actually is will remain a question - far be it from me to cast blame!

This little portable knitting bag is available at Unwind Yarn House. It's just $15 and all the money goes to the Southlake Regional Health Centre to support cancer research.


Sue said...

Just an excuse to start a new one!!! It was great to meet you Connie, glad you had a good time and will be joining us.

KnickKname2B said...

Do you sleep? You didn't have that much done when you left! Oh...maybe that Dr. McDreamy got your needles flying ;)
I think I'll cast on another sock as just looks like too much fun; I also plan on visiting Unwind today, because it's just a beautiful day to buy wool!!
See you soon.

Ruthless said...

Hey Connie -- Great to meet you again -- but -- can you cook?? If not, remember Maunder's is close by!