Thursday, July 27, 2006

Oh my, oh my, oh my!

Another finished sock today and hours and hours and hours in front of this computer making everything perfect on the website. So much so that my hands kept going numb. You see, I am not very computer saavy so I just plow ahead thinking that what I am doing is working and then I find out that there is a better way so then I have to do everything again. I was very busy loading all the pictures on the site - some showed up blurry, some were fine - the blurry ones got better when you click to enlarge so I figured that must be "just the way it is". Well, no - that's not quite true - seems with the right camera you can take the pictures, edit the pictures and load the pictures and not have blurry ones. So guess what - now over 100 pictures have been edited today and tomorrow reloaded. Yeah! At least - this job will never take as long again - I mean after all, this much yarn will never again arrive all at the same time AND next time I will know what I am doing.

Here's the pretty sock in Broadripple (this is what I occupy myself with to keep from pushing this laptop off the desk)

Here's a close up of the stitches. This is what the right camera can do! My mom had the best camera and the other night I was thinking I have to get a new lens for the camera I had so that I could take close ups. Then I remembered my mom took the most amazing close ups of her orchids so I had a look at her camera. Low and behold a macros setting - so I found the book, figured out how to work it and tahhh! dahhhh! A really good close up!

One thing about my mom - she was always taking pictures and there was a real lack of them for a while after she passed away because no one but her ever took the pictures and no one even owned a camera. She took the pictures, got all the copies and passed them out to everyone. How appropriate that it's her camera that is helping me to do the best job that I can
with Pick Up Sticks.

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del said...

Oooooo, nice! Great closeup. I'm the picture taker in my family, taking over for my elderly grandpa & I love it.