Monday, July 24, 2006

Sock Knitting Fool.....

Sock knitting fool - that's me! I'm a busy little bee churning out single socks made from the yarn I've got coming in. This stuff is just lovely - it's a blend of merino wool, mohair, silk and
nylon. And another Canadian company!
It feels amazing and looks even better.

The pattern is from and it's called Broadripple.

And....seems I've entered all the weights into my website incorrectly. The system recognizes only kilograms and I've entered everything in grams.

Why is this important? Because I've integrated the site with Canada Post so that each customer pays exactly what it costs to ship and so Canada Post is not recognizing what I've put in. Ugh! It's only over 80 products that I have to change - no biggie, right?


Annie said...

What a lovely coloured sock.

Emma said...

Ooohh... sounds like a neat mix! Must be soft. Dragon sock not going well :(

knickkname2b said...

Where are you??? Please keep us posted! I need more knitting musings! Hope all is going well.