Thursday, July 06, 2006

We're practically famous....

Check this out! This is Sarah C, Emma J and me leaving Lettuce Knit last night. This picture was on the Knitty blog today. Yup that's bags of yarn in my hand - Sarah was equally loaded down but she's carrying it in her left hand so you can't see. Emma exercised extreme self control! The new shop is soooo cute and boy, was it jam packed with people and yarn!

I've been consumed the last few days ordering yarn, got my Visa/MC machine today - waiting for the web guy to show me the first pages of the website - waiting for the first pictures of my signature Pick Up Sticks sock yarn! So much to do, and it's all so much fun!

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KnickKname2B said...

Glad you're o.k. I kept looking for news and wondered where you had gone. I saw that picture on the Knitty site...who knew it was! Looking forward to your site too. Have a good day! Happy knitting, I mean yarn shopping!