Sunday, July 02, 2006

A Worthy Pattern.....

Sometimes it just takes a long time to find a pattern worthy of the yarn you are knitting with....after about 6 starts with this yarn......and more comments than I care to mention from those watching me's what I've chosen.

This yarn is a sample of the $4,000 purchase I made recently for Pick Up Sticks and the pattern is Crusoe from It shows the colors beautifully and works up like a dream.....don't you just love it?

After lots of needle trials I've decided the following - I'm not crazy about my Addi DPNs - they are too long and too slippery. I am in love with my Pony Pearls and want to own all the sizes - I love the short length and how they have some slight give to them. I've also corrected my tension problem with my Charlotte's Web. It seems because the Addi Turbos are so slippery that they cause me to keep a death grip on the yarn. Here's the shawl on 6.5 mm bamboo circulars - much better, I think!


Anonymous said...

Well, so that's where you've been!! Wednesday isn't the same anymore. Seems everyone disappeard - and right after my birthday!
Anyway, happy to hear you have your own "place" - Pickup Sticks" sounds great, I'll look it up! I'm not much of an emailer, but I try once in a while.
Wanted to THANK YOU SO MUCH for all that great yarn! I was so surprised when I got it, that I brought it all back when I went in for my knitted lace class, just in case there was a mistake and it wasn't really meant for me! :-)
I've read some of your blogs, nice to hear your son made it safely and that he remembers you everyday! I will be a grandmother in about six weeks and I'm sure my daughter will suddenly remember me everyday then!!
Anyway, I'm supposed to be trying to find her registry with Toys R Us in my email and found my link I sent to myself of your blog instead!
Hope to see your cheeryness again some time.
Thanks again! -Cheryl.

Connie said...

Send me your email address. Mine is crossings(at)
Hope you read this,