Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Successful Reunion

I would say that my get together with my high school friends was a great successful - it went on from 2 in the afternoon to after 11 pm. It was so great to see everyone after such a long time and meet their kids. From our crazy Grade 13 group we have an Air Canada Pilot, a Vice-President for TD bank, 2 teachers, one firefighter (a Captain, no less), and an Engineer - not a bad turnout for all of us! In total we have 15 children and 1 grandson (that would be mine!) 13 of those 15 children are girls! My dad visited with everyone and got a big kick out of our stories. Me putting their car in the ditch twice - one running down the road in his underwear in winter chasing a car thief, one guy being lost on the middle of the lake in winter after being dragged by a rope from a snowmobile and the others being too drunk to notice he was missing until after they got back to the cottage. Three girls who shall remain nameless vandalizing a building to get the first intials of their boyfriend's names off the sign. Lots of beer was consumed and lots of juice for the kids - I discovered a fabulous drink - a cooler called Pomtini - pomegrante (I know this isn't spelled correctly but I'm too lazy to go and find the proper spelling) juice and vodka - absolutely dangerous!

No knitting was done yesterday but I did manage to do the short row heel on my Dragon socks - my sister and I were sweating buckets out by our pool to get it done. I will post pictures tomorrow - more yarn is at the post office and a big box of patterns arrived on Friday - we're off to Ikea this week for shelving for stock. Oh - and a bit of good news, I think, Canada Post is going to be integrated into my website so the shipping charges will be exactly what the actual cost is - no guessing on my part or paying too much on yours!

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KnickKname2B said...

Hi, glad that you had so much fun!! I, too, had a fabulous weekend; up in Huntsville where there is a WONDERFUL yarn shop ..."Sheep Strings". The owner is a doll! The store is spacious, well stocked and very welcoming!
I happen to be heading up that way again this week and although I had a VERY successful visit on Saturday, I do intend to go again later this week...just because I can!!!
Now, back to your site...WHEN, WHEN, WHEN????
I'm thinking that it's time I decide on a KnickKname or does this one work? Any thoughts anyone? (Is it o.k. to blog on someone elses blog? Am I breaking some kind of blog etiquete?) Have a good day and look forward to reading more of your adventures!