Sunday, July 23, 2006

Dragon Sock Finished

Here's a finished Upscale Dragon sock. I purchased the pattern online from The Keyboard Biologist and I just love it! It came together beautifully. Below is a picture of the toe detail and I am proud to say that I learned to graft a perfect toe with this sock.

In shop news - everything is progressing well - I would say that it might be another 2 weeks before the website is live. I still have a ton more products to add - patterns to order, business cards to get, shelving to get ----- yikes!

My son might be coming home from Korea early - he has a bad sore throat at the moment and was having fevers earlier in the week. He emailed today to say he and his friend were having a disagreement and he wanted to come home asap. So we'll see.............but that means now I have to get painting his room. It's still primed drywall and it is definitely time to put some paint on the walls.

See the toe detail - I've never done such an amazing sock!