Friday, August 04, 2006

Where Have I Been?

I cannot believe I haven't posted since July 27 - what have I been doing? Well, I've spent long hours in front of this computer and now am practically moments away from going live. I will post here as soon as it happens! I've been staying out of the heat - like many in Southern Ontario - however, I will not complain about it because winter is coming and it's long and cold! Suffice to say that it's been even to hot to sit by the pool and watch the kids swim!

I painted the boy's room - and cleaned it. Boy did I clean it!

I even found air freshener that you could add to the paint and it will last 4-6 mos. Should go a long way to combat that 16 year old boy smell. And he's home from Korea. He had a wonderful time but did get home sick and came home early. He stayed a month - can you believe a month has passed? He brought presents for his sisters, his grandpa and his parents. And he came home with more than half the money I sent him with. That was very good of him - considering his mother would have spent every last dime.

And I've been working on this. The yarn is Pick Up Sticks Signature and the pattern is one that I will be carrying as well. The work on the cuff is called Cluster 6 - it's really simple but effective. This yarn is great to work with. More yarn arrived yesterday - still no shelving but I have got the yarn room emptied out and ready for everything! Stay tuned hopefully, my site will go live over the weekend or on Monday at the latest!


Andrea said...

As soon as your store is live I want to buy that sock pattern. Hope everything is going good!

Anonymous said...

I love it!

eve knits said...

WOW! Nice blog! I love that sock. Are you going to post the pattern anytime ?
Happy Knitting!