Monday, August 21, 2006

I've Died and Gone to Yarn Heaven!

Just some of the stock in my little shop!

l-Last week 2 huge boxes arrived one full of Apple Laine Yarns and one full of Sweet Georgia! And I was/am in yarn heaven! There's so much to choose from in that room that I can't even decide what to knit. It is pure joy for my sock knitting, sock yarn loving soul! And today I ordered more - doubled up on the Apple Laine yarn and added Mission Falls 1824 cottong to the mix. Now the Mission Falls doesn't really go with my hand painted/hand dyed thing BUT I love it! Everything I've chosen is something I personally love and so why not? The sweater on the cover of the new Mission Falls book Recollection is just screaming to be knit by me and then worn by me.

We are full steam ahead for the Knitter's Fair in Kitchener-Waterloo. I've got the sign finally! And thanks to Sarah S. for allowing me to borrow her shelving. I heard today that the show is absolutely wild with knitters. Now I ask you - what could possibly be more fun than that?

On the personal side - we spent a weekend in Niagara Falls with my sister and her family and had lots of fun. We got soaked by the falls, ate lunch at a restaurant right on the main drag which was obscenely expensive and then we all crossed the border to Amherst, NY for some shopping at Target and dinner at the Olive Garden. We spent the night at the Hampton Inn and had a great breakfast the next morning at IHOP.

My son (the teenage boy) is still living on Korea time - he's up all night and sleeps all day. Nice, eh? His bus pass arrived today and it had the wrong address on it - or so I thought. But, nope, it appears that he has to walk about 25 minutes down the road to catch the bus. Like that is going to happen???? Don't they know I had enough of a time just getting him down the 300 foot driveway to catch the bus? Not to mention that he would have to walk in the dark down the country road when winter comes and he has an aversion to winter coats. None of this is supposed to be my problem - he's going to be 17 in October and responsible for his own choices, right? Easier said than done!


Sheri at The Loopy Ewe said...

Hi Connie - fun to see your yarn and shelves! I know just what you mean about yarn heaven.....

Virginia said...

What a feast for the eyes. I wish I could be there to feast my fingers as well.