Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Yarny Secret

I have a yarn-y secret - it's a new weight of yarn from one of my favorite Canadian Indie Dyers - an aran weight - which opens up a world of knitting possibilities. I feel like I've made some grand discovery because this girl is so talented! Her colorways remind me of Dream in Color but much brighter - the colors to the left are what has arrived so far. There's 7 or 8 more on order.

The colorway pictured here is Chestnut and it's all for me. I'm knitting a sweater for the store - well ok - it's actually for me but I'm telling myself that it's for the store which explains why I just had to cast it on despite all the other stuff still on needles.
What am I knitting with it? Basic Chic Hoodie from Chicknits. You can buy one for yourself here.
In other news, all Fleece Artist, Handmaiden and Perl Grey is on sale this week (Oct 18-Oct 29)for 15% off - both online and in the shop. Lisa's busy counting it now to get our inventory right before we do the big announcement!
There's a yarn crawl next Saturday, November 1st - all the participating stores are offering a 15% discount to yarn crawlers!

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