Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

to my Canadian friends! I'm actually not sure why Canada and the US have different Thanksgiving days - I suppose if I was more historically aware I would know the reason but I've been too busy knitting.....Here's Grandpa's socks - all done and drying - I had about 2 inches of yarn left over. Phew!

I started these socks last night while watching Grey's Anatomy. I think the pattern is fantastic and much simpler than it looks. I'm using Koigu (which I don't sell)that Lisa bought for me. This is the first pair of Laura's Seven. The pattern is Slip Stitch Cable Socks from the Little Box of Socks. I've got these patterns in the shop and it's a very worthwhile purchase - all kinds of fabulous patterns.

This is a Noro Sock shawl from Laura Chau. She has it for sale on her blog and there is also a similiar version for free here. It just takes one skein (I'm going to use Silk Garden Sock - she used Kureyon) - I have a feeling this just might get cast on today too. Clapotis is not further along - maybe I'll work on that to try and avoid casting on yet another project - mmmmm - probably not!

I've been a very good blogger lately - don't ya think?


Clare L said...

Lovely socks for your grandpa.
Keep up the regular blogging. I enjoy seeing your completed projects.

Ann said...

Nice socks & lovely colors. I like the Slip Stitch Cables - pretty pattern.

Jocelyn said...

I just found out myself - it's because Canada (cold climate) has an earlier harvest then our Southern neighbors. :)