Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Is It That Time?

Is it time to think about Christmas knitting? Probably - I have some ideas - I want to knit my eldest daughter 7 pairs of socks. She used to make fun of me for knitting so much until I gave her socks last year for Christmas - no she hounds me relentlessly for more socks! I want to knit thrum mittens for my sister-in-law, mother-in-law and niece and nephew - plus there's my grandchildren. I guess I really should get started. Let's make a list:

Laura - 7 pairs of socks
Joey - thrum mittens
Joanna - thrum mittens
Owen - thrum mittens
Paige - thrum mittens
Katelyn - sweater
Lindsay & Dan - baby blanket for the new baby arriving in the Spring
Aunt - thrum mittens for walking
Uncle - thrum mittens for walking
Andrew - one pair of socks
Jeremy - one pair of socks
Jordan - thrum mittens
Liam - sweater
Quinn - sweater
Emma - sweater

That's 9 pairs of socks, 4 sweaters, 7 pairs of thrum mittens and a baby blanket. Hmmm! Yup - better get going!

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