Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Grandpa's Socks

My grandfather will be celebrating his 90th birthday on October 19th and these are for him. We went to see him yesterday and he is pitifully weak and wouldn't get out of bed. He would hardly speak to me except for kissing my hand. He's gone down hill very quickly since my grandmother passed away in June and really - looking at him yesterday I cannot figure what it is that's keeping him here - especially when I know how happy he would be to be with my grandmother again. I've learned so many lessons from my grandfather - unfortunately, the grandpa that he was is long gone due to dementia and a weak heart - but as recent as our last visit he remembered to tell me how to fry fresh zucchini with flour and egg. Whenever I had a problem, even as an adult, his answer was - it never gets darker than midnight. I can't tell you how often I've thought those words over and over whenever I'm worried about something. He's always answered how are you doing grandpa? with good, thank God. He is a man of great faith - he always told us whenever God turns the page and your name is there, it's your turn so no sense worrying about what's going to happen. He had a wonderful sense of humor - just two years ago, when he met his great, great grandson for the first time - he told my grandmother not to get any ideas about having another baby. He's led a long and wonderful life - he is a grandfather like no other - as his first grand daughter, I was fortunate to spend many, many of my growing up years with him - he is the reason I love horses, I was a regular at the race track with him. When the first subway opened in Toronto, I was just small but grandpa took me for a ride on it that very first day - in fact, we made several trips up and down the subway over the whole day. He even still has the stone I got stuck in my nose when I was three years old. So...these socks are for him - warm and cosy for his days in bed, each stitch with a little bit of all of the love I have for him. Noro Silk Garden S252
See what came in the mail today - I am a needle pig! I don't need them but had to have them - aren't they pretty?

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baby face said...

I love the story about your
grandfather. He will be thrilled
with his socks just knowing that
you made them. My mother passed
last year and she would have been
100 years old this past September.
I am getting old and very sick, but
I remember my grandfather also.
He was a very kind, sweet man. The
older generation of that time seem
to be at peace with everything. What a blessing.