Thursday, October 23, 2008


Crap - look what happened two nights ago! Snow! Slippery roads - and it's only October. This makes me grumpy!

This on the other hand makes me extremely happy! I am knitting this cardigan from the new Noro Collection Book 3 by Jenny Watson (Silk Garden 272). There are some fantastic Noro designs this year and it's just all so much fun!

This has the potential to make me both grumpy and happy. Happy because I'm knitting with Tanis Fiber Arts Green Label Aran in Chestnut which is fantastic. Grumpy because I don't have an extra set of arms to knit the Noro sweater and this at the same time.
And it's a pair! I finished BOTH socks of the Slip Stitch Cable Socks in Koigu. Happy, happy! They were supposed to be for Laura for Christmas but I'm thinking I might give them to Jeremy's girlfriend for her birthday which is in 3 days. Sometimes you just have to give what's finished, right?

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