Thursday, August 02, 2007


Well, Pick Up Sticks officially has a bricks and mortar home. I took possession of the building yesterday and I have to say I've felt kind of foggy all day. It's just a dream come true and I cannot wait to see my little shop all set up! We had a little stitch n bitch there last night on folding chairs with Tim Horton's coffee and timbits. A big huge thank you and hug to both Marion and Clare for my gift. A beautiful antique mailbox and vintage knitting patterns from the 1930's. Perfect to go along with the other antique-y stuff I've been buying. Thanks to Marion for our first project class idea. What else but Lizard Ridge? I'm working on the details and will announce it soon. My website has a new store location page - that's where you'll find all the store info - thanks to my webguy, Scott, for getting it done so quickly. I love the map!

So the want to know about the contest? Well, Cherry Tree Hill and Louet Yarns have begun a new collaboration - Cherry Tree Hill colorways on Louet Yarn hand dyed by the brilliant, Cheryl of Cherry Tree Hill - what could be better? many skeins do I have coming in? Closest guess wins a skein in the colorway of their choice - contest closes when the yarn arrives - which might be tomorrow so you better guess quick! And....Fleece Artist has sent Somoko sock yarn to me - guess how many skeins of that I have on the way and you can win a skein in the color of your choice. Two contest, two chances.........go for it!


Vanessa said...

Hi Connie!!
Sounds like things are coming together really well!!

I'm gonna guess 465 skeins of the CTH/Louet collaboration, and 140 skeins of the Somoko.

Keep on keeping us updated, so that we may live vicariously thru you!! : )

Cyn said...

Heh, a contest has gotten me out of lurking... :)

I'll guess 124 skeins of CTH/Louet and 84 skeins of Somoko.

Helen said...

Glad to hear that you have passed the first step of getting your own shop without any problems. Now all the fun starts, so enjoy and please keep us up-to-date.
My guess CTH/Louet 424 and 316 for
Fleece Artist Somoko.
Good luck and hope you get some time to sit and knit each day.

Heddy said...

I guess 96 skeins of the Cherry Tree Hill/Louet and 148 of the Fleece Artist.

Andrea said...

I guess 97 skeins of Fleece Artist and 105 of the CTH.

Ann said...

It getting more exciting now that you took possession of the shop - decorating it will be the best part! My guess will be 156 for CTH?Louet & 86 for Fleece Artist.

Nicki said...

Congratulations on your new store. I hope to visit in the fall.

My guess is 325 skeins of the CTH/Louet and 195 skeins of the Somoko

Marilise said...

Congratulations on your new location! I wish Ottawa were closer. I guess 198 Louet and 205 Somoko.

By the way, I will be shipping a box of charity knitting to you next week, when I go back to work after my summer vacation.


Alyson said...

Congrats on the move-in!! Yay!

I'll say 215 skeins of CTH/Louet (yum!) and 60 skeins of FA Somoko.

Isobel said...

I would love to see pictures of the inside of the store as it takes shape.

CTH - 80
Somoko - 70

I am working on Lizard Ridge, can we out of towners Stitch and Bitch with you too?

janet said...

Congrats, Connie, on your new store! Wish I could visit you there.It sounds like a beautiful and comfy knitting space. I'm guessing 220 skeins of the CTH and 60 Somoko.

Anonymous said...

You are welcome Connie.
I cannot wait to visit the store.
CTH 160
Somoko 96

Sandra said...

Can't wait to check out the new digs!
My guess -
CTH/Loet - 266 skeins
Somoko - 188 skeins


Emma J. said...

Hmmmm. I guess....

100 Cherry Tree/Louet
50 of Somoko

Will have to plan my next York Region visit around your SnB night!


mrslaceknitter said...

Connie - What's your secret? You read, and knit, and blog, and pull together a new store from looking at doors to open within two months! Any sleeping happening in Bradford? Whew!!

My contest Guesses:
Cherry Tree - 125
Fibre Artist - 95

Pam said...


I'll guess 200 skeins of CTH/Louet, and 100 of the Sokomo. Nice round numbers.

-- jlb said...

Congrats, again!

I can't wait to make a road trip.

Cherry Tree Hill/Louet - 110

Somoko - 68

chris said...

i can hardly wait to check out your store connie!

i'm also going to make some guesses for your contest too! 150 for both the cth/louet collaboration and the somoko.

(btw, isn't the online pick up sticks' one year anniversary coming up soon? )

Anonymous said...

Hi Connie

Delurking to send congratulations!

I'm guessing 180 CTH/Louet and 75 skeins of Somoko.


mccallsa said...

I guess
CHT/Louet 300 and Somoko 150

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new shop. Isn't it great when dreams come true? I'll guess 325 skeins of Cherry Tree Hill/Louet and 225 of Fleece Artist Somoko. Good Luck! Angela

Karin said...

Hmm... 325 skeins of CTH and 125 skeins of Somoko. Glad to hear the first stage has gone well - looking forward to more updates and photos as the stock comes in.

Reda said...

Congratulations and good luck with your new shop!!! I'll guess 130 skeins of Louet/Cherry Tree Hill and 150 of Fleece Artist Somoko!


Odie said...

My guess:
CTH: 400

Congrats for the shop!

Michelle said...

I guess 300 for Cherry Tree Hill and 130 for Somoko. These yarns are going to be great!

J C said...

Fleece Artist:82

gina.d said...

Hello, Congratulations on your new store!
My guess is: CTH-425 & Fleece Artist-98