Saturday, August 04, 2007


This post will have lots of pictures but not many words because I'm really's my great dad priming trim first thing this morning.....

Here's Angela priming panelling - the ceiling in this room is about 15 feet - fun wow trying to get it all primed!

Here's my darling husband taking his first coffee break - I took a picture of his work - we had to send him back to fill in the cracks with primer.

See? Brown gaps in his painting!

Here's my sister, Lisa and her husband, Dave hard at work! Still priming - it seemed like an endless job!

And some results - these walls are painted with one coat of primer and one coat of paint - it just might be enough considering all the shelves that have to go in. The space has a real cottage-y feel now which I absolutely love!

The main area is almost done - just trim to do tomorrow! So far I'm thrilled with it - makes me love it even more!

Just a bit of knitting news - some Cherry Tree Hill came in but there's still more - it's on the website so you can have a look - so the contest is still on!

I'm a lucky duck to have such a great family and great friends if I just sell some yarn then I can pay the rent! :)


Angela said...

Glad to help.

(The faster it gets painted, the sooner I have a yarn shop to spend all Guy's money.)


Anonymous said...

Looks great Connie. I cannot wait till you open.

Michelle said...

Lookin' good!

Isobel said...

It's really taking shape, I love that everyone has great big smiles on their faces, happy workers.