Thursday, August 30, 2007

I owe you a big blog.....

Here's Classy from Dream in Color - lined up all pretty on the shelves!

Smooshy arrived today and is updated on the website! I'm pondering getting in Fatty for the shop (and online?) - it's the Dream in Color bulky and the sample I received today is gorgeous!

Here's part of the sock yarn room - this little shop is stuffed with yarn! Pure heaven if you ask me??!!!

See how brilliant my dad is? He made the peg board for me to hang up all the needles and notions!

This is half the SnB room - the other half is a mess at the moment but doesn't it just make you want to sit down and knit!

And here's the progress on my Lizard Ridge - I have 24 colors of Kureyon in stock all ready for our Lizard Ridge KAL which starts on Wednesday, September 5 at our first SnB.

I've really put this aside for the moment in favor of knitting shop samples - right now I'm working on a Dream in Color top down raglan for me which I cannot wait to finish and wear -

I've got a new line in the shop that I'm pretty sure will be available online as well. You can read about it here. Here's the scanned shade card - 4 new amazing yarns that support a valuable cause - it just doesn't get any better! Did I mention there was baby llama? No.....oh and did I mention Jane Ellison did a whole pattern book showcasing this entire collection? ........ I probably didn't mention that each and every skein is under $10 CAD - this is a winner in more ways than one!
Opening Day Details
Tuesday, September 4th
Free gift with purchase!
Free coffee (Tim Hortons's - what else???)
Free Timbits
(Timbits would be the centers they take out of the donuts to make them donuts for my American friends!)


Isobel said...

I wish I could be there on Tuesday, but since I can't I am sending a huge hug, I just know you will run off your feet and not have a moment to sit down.


Ann said...

The shops looks great & I don't think I will leave the shop once I am in there - too many gorgeous yarns. Congratulations on your opening day & wish I could be there!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! And I WILL BE THERE!!! Looking forward to seeing you then; I'm so excited!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to be there too, but don't think I am going to make it :(. I have to go to the DENTIST instead, bleh, how crummy is that!
Hope you have a super-duper-alamabooper opening (as the 5yr old would say)!
Say, are you going ot be at the KW Knitter's Fair this year? Beacuse I will be there!!

heather s

Janis said...

Oh my gosh, I have to come! First, I have to figure out which bus gets me from Aurora to Bradford, or if such a thing even exists. Hmm.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh! Makes me REALLY wish I lived nearby!! Good luck on your grand opening!

shannonjyl said...

I will be there!

Lacey said...

Your store looks fabulous. I wish I could be there for you grand opening. Congrats, and good luck!