Sunday, August 19, 2007

I'm still kickin!

It's Sunday and here I sit in the office of my little shop - my computer appears to be working and I do have email. Quite a feat though - Bell Canada sends you a box and says it will take just 15 minutes to hook up high speed internet - not true! Two phone calls to tech support and 4 hours later we have internet. Urrrr!

Everything is really coming together - I'm tired, tired, tired but happy. We have lots of time now until September 4th for finishing touches - and more yarn!

I have a dilemma and keep wavering back and forth on it - should I have the whole store inventory online or just socks and lace as usual. Some days I think just keep the online as it is and feature some of the instore stuff from time to time and then of course, there are other days where I think it should all be online. My big concern is that I can't like the online inventory with the point of sale system because it's hugely expensive to do that but I do have my sister working with me full time and so (most times!)feel confident we can manage the inventory manually. So....what do should I do - what would you like me to do? I'm curious to hear your thoughts.

I was going to post pictures - but a police officer just came to the door and said the street is closing for a parade and I don't want to get stuck here until after 4 pm - pictures tomorrow, promise!


Anonymous said...

Hi Connie:

I was doing some searching on the web for an "undulating" looking pattern to do a shawl/scarf in and came across your post for Thursday, March 29. I love the look of the pattern for the first picture but can't seem to find out where to purchase it. Could you point me in the right direction to get this pattern so I could adapt it to a scarf or shawl? Thanks!

Tara said...

Hi Connie,

In response to your inventory question, would it be possible to keep Pick Up Sticks as is (lace and socks), but show the lines you carry in your shop, so that we can make orders by phone? Kind of like Needles & Pins? (

Tara (looking forward to getting my Tulip baby cardigan kit today or tomorrow!)

Ani said...

Congratulations on the new store!

On the inventory thing, I think it is a good idea to keep it lace and socks and to have a list that we can ask you about. I would personally use email though, not phone (Vancouver is far away!). It would be great if you could put up your entire inventory, but thinking of the logistical nightmare is enough for me to tamp that hope down.


Roxanne said...

Connie - you "rock" - see my blog for details.

-- jlb said...

Hi, Connie -

RE: your inventory dilemma - well, my bias is that I am primarily a sock knitter anyway, so chances are I won't miss what isn't there, but I do browse and occasionally might buy a kit or project that looks neat. So if completely linking the inventory systems is too cumbersome/expensive, having a list and a few snapshots of "In The Store" features for which we could email/call would more than suit me!

I recently ordered from Perl Grey directly and what they did was just take an order by email and then email back a PayPal invoice - very easy way to shop, no credit cards over email or the phone, all done! Since you already use paypal, and your ordering system has a "comments" section, could additional non-online-inventory items be ordered via the comments with a revised or additional invoice sent?

Just pondering.