Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Here I am....

wow! I'm so busy - I get possession of the building tomorrow and am very excited except for the fact that I have to wait there from noon until 5 pm for the phone hook up. I might just drag my sister along for company.......we're supposed to wash the walls with TSP to prepare for painting on the weekend....urrr! We should be ready to move stock in around August 10th which will be great because it will give us lots of time to arrange things the way we want them. There's a big festival in Bradford on August 18 and I think the street is closed so it would be good to be semi-open so people could check us out!

Many of you have emailed me about my wonky website - seems my webguys moved to bigger servers and their e-commerce sites didn't move as seemlessly as they promised - I guess not! I've been down since last Thursday! I just received an email which says everything should be fine in 1-2 hours.

And....our home phone has gone bananas too! We have a completely different phone number with no explanation - apparently a technician will be here today to sort it out. I only figured this out because I called my sister last night and she wondered where I was because of the number on call display.
Yesterday we were all over the place - registering for hydro, buying a new computer desk for the store, got the SnB couches - 2 leather loveseats!, found a excellent second hand cash register....yarn has been arriving - Noro, Rowan, Blue Sky Alpacas - more is on the way! There's Cherry Tree Hill which should be here by the end of the week - all 31 colors of their new sock yarn which is a collaboration with Louet! Somoko from Fleece Artist is on the way as well!

Patterns, needles have been ordered and I've been knitting.....
Blue Sky Alpacas Hand Dyed Worsted in Dungaree Blue.
Eyelet Baby Blanket - the blanket is finished and I just working on the trim. I love this yarn!
There's still Suri Merino, Hand Dyed Bulky and Natural Bulky still to arrive.
Here's three more blocks for Lizard Ridge! I'm working on the 8th - that means 1/3 done.


Isobel said...

It sounds as if life is a tornado of activity these days. You are moving along at rapid pace. Glad to see that there is still time for knitting. I am so excited for you, you are living the dream.

Ann said...

This is all very exciting - it's like a dream copme true - your very own yarn shop!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! It's all going so fast! I used to work for a chain of retail stores and it always took us months to get everything going. Mind you we were building new stores, not taking over existing locations so I guess that didn't help haha!
Could I make a suggestion for your new stock? Have you seen the needles the Yarn Harlot blogged about yesterday? So pretty!

Good luck, I hope it all continues to go well!

heather s

Sandra said...

I can't wait for the storefront to open! I missed the chance to see your yarn room during the Knit out.