Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'm not quite....

as smart as I thought I was! I was feeling very proud of myself for blogging so quickly after the big announcement and now it's been a week or something like that. I go from being thrilled to sick with nerves, to happy to overwhelmed. Most often I ask myself - what did you think you were doing? I'm sure it will all be fine - I get possession of the building next Wednesday and once I can actually see stuff start to happen and not have to keep thinking about it, I'm sure it will be fine. Right? Right!

Now what could this be? The makings of Lizard Ridge - which I am really enjoying! These are yet to be knit....but I have been knitting.....

Here's my first four blocks - aren't they pretty?
My original plan was one block per day for 24 days but I'm not really sure what I was thinking because with everything that is going on, it difficult to get even one done every two days!
Here's the fifth block underway!

And as if I didn't have enough to do - guess what was in my inbox this morning? A Ravelry invitation! Yipee!
And a surprise for the lurkers..... I have 5 extra sock club kits this month! Care to give our sock club a one month try? Send an email to letting me know you want one and I will bill you through Paypal - the cost is $40 plus $5 shipping. I can't say much about it because the regular sock club members haven't received their kits but if you want to experience the genius of Meghan Jackson, pattern designer then you should really give it a try. She's totally, totally outdone herself this month!


Isobel said...

The reality always sets in after the first rush wears off. Don't fret to much this week, when you actually have the shop keys in your hands things will all fall into place. I have the greatest confidence in you and just know that for you this was meant to be.

Renee said...

Everything will be fine.

I love Lizard Ridge. It's addictive. I'm on my 14th square. You can see them on Ravelry if you want (I got invited yesterday). My user name there is froggiemeanie.