Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Free Duets goes to....

Suzanne B! I received 96 skeins of Duets on June 28 and Suzanne's guess was 75 skeins on June 28. Congratulations - the yarn is on the way!

Apple Laine is coming out with a couple of limited edition colorways. Here's one of them - Playdate.

As always, Cindy's colorways are inspired. How fun will this be to knit?

Remember my deal from the last post - no new knitting until I finished the Dream in Color socks and the last installment of the STR sock club. Check! Check! I felt so good about finishing these up that I've now started the mates for two other single socks. Not sure if I can stop myself from casting on something new but I'm trying......


Susan Pandorf said...

I know just what you mean Connie. Over the weekend I reorganized my WIP 3 basket tower:

1. KAL work on top (deadlines, dontcha know)

2. Second socks (to go with single socks)

3.Projects I've put up on the blog (people are eager to see progress)

I'm hoping this new arrangement will help keep me focused on finishing this summer.

BTW, nice socks!


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, but I like that new Apple Pie colour!

heather s

Ann said...

The blue Dream in Color looks so nice. I also have 3 single socks & have to cast on for their mates but..

chris said...

congrats to suzanne!

i *must* check out the new apple laine yarns - i love the colour!

Suzanne B said...

YEA!!! My yarn came today and I absolutely LOVE it!!! So much so that I've already taken pictures and put them on my blog.

Thanks Connie!