Thursday, June 28, 2007

Time Flies!

I have been busy which could explain the lack of blogging. This week has been filled with all sorts of's the rundown.

Monday: My dad and I attended my great aunt Jenny's funeral. She was 85 and suffering horribly with cancer so it was a blessing. She was my grandmother's last surviving sibling so it was very hard for her. No Duets arrived. :(

Tuesday: I went fishing with Emma on a school trip. Yup! Me! Fishing! Fortunately, daddy showed up to help us get the fish off the hook! Yuck! I was actually quite impressed with myself, I was one of the few moms who could actually cast. My grandparents had some property with a stocked trout pond, so I spent lots of time fishing when I was younger.

It took some coaxing to get Emma to even stand that close to the fish. She loved catching it but the rest was definitely not her style.

No Duets today. :(

Wednesday: I had a hair appointment this morning. My hairdresser thought I should go darker because the blond was being very bleached out by the sun. So now it's way to dark for my taste - although everyone else seems to like it.

We had SnB at my house for Sarah's birthday. Our local LYS cancelled the SnB :(((( so we've decided to still get together here. The only problem with here is that we eat wayyy! too! much. I finished the Dream in Color Smooshy sock yarn Girl's caridgan. I did mess up the stripes - the peach stripe was supposed to be 4th but luckily I had enough yarn! The consensus was that we actually like this sweater better than the one made out of Classy worsted. The last bit of i-cord around the neck just about finished me off - I was going to leave it off but Meg said finish it! Even though I was exhausted after everyone left, there was no way that I was going to bed without it finished because I was not going to be knitting it today. It's the 3rd one I've done!

I've made this crazy deal with myself - I had to finish the sweater (check!), have to finish my Dream in Color socks (no check!) and the last installment of the STR socks (no check!) before I can start the new STR or anything else for that matter. This has lead to not enough knitting this week :(

No Duets today! :(

Thursday: That brings us to today - the last day of school! Emma was very excited to be going - it's only a half day so she will be home around lunch time. I am very happy not to have to get up at 6:30 am tomorrow.

Duets today? Hopefully! Fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

Glad you're back!! I finished Tulips too; go see Wendy...not on line, you actually have to go there! Away to Vermont for the long weekend; I'll be back on Tuesday and will check your blog to see who won the contest then. See you, KK2B

Anonymous said...

Yep, last day of scholl so I am going to spend the afternoon dyeing yarn instead of cleaning/laundry/cooking etc. Who needs a clean house?

heather s

chris said...

the photo of your daughter brings back memories of the times that i went fishing with my dad. ahh, the good ol' summer days!