Thursday, June 21, 2007

Where to start....(STR Spoiler)

I really, really like blogging but sometimes.....I just cannot seem to get to it! The last three days have been non stop - so much so that I keep thinking I'm going to need some help soon! It's actually past the time of needing help but I keep plugging away - silly Type A that I am!

I'm working away on the girl's version of the Simple Stripes Baby Sweater - and so far so good! I'm just about the put the sleeves on holders. My packaging for the kits arrived yesterday so I'm good to go.

The sock club kits are mostly gone - I did them alone this month so that it explains why it took 3 days!

New yarn is on the website from Liisu Yarns - it's really, really nice - I love the superwash/mohair blend. It's kind of Koigu - y in terms of color and kind of Apple Laine - y in terms of fiber. Can't get better than that combo!

Only 5 1/2 more days of school. I love the summer and love having Emma at home. It's a much more relaxed pace and we can sleep in - yeah! We have a new addition to our farm which is turning my dogs into raving lunatics. It's some sort of pheasant who nonchalantly strolls across the backyard every morning. We've been here 7 years and I've never seen another one like this. I've yet to get a picture because trying to get out with the camera means wrestling the dogs at the door

Oh-----and my STR sock club came yesterday - it's soooo beautiful! Scroll down for the picture.

Nice, eh?


Susan Pandorf said...

Oh sure Connie, tease all of us Suzie -come-latelys who were converted to sock knitting too late to get in on the STR monthly goodie fun...

Angela said...

I am still drooling over that STR skein (skeyen? skeen? pfft).


Isobel said...

I got mine in the mail yesterday also, I am usually one of the last on the list. They have outdone themselves on the colour - this is so me - not pale or muted - but right in your face colour.

I used to think that when I retired I would sleep in, I've been retired a year now and that's yet to happen - unfortunatley I retired but the 4 dogs didn't.

fibercrone said...

I woke up at around 2:30 this morning and had to get out of bed and wind the STR into a ball. I agree with isobel, this colorway is so me.