Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Yarn Crawl

We started our day at 9:30 am with just a few knitters - after our first shop, we took some time to Knit in Public. The weather couldn't have been better if we'd ordered it personally!

Second stop was Needles and Knits where the always welcoming, Tove posed with some knitters!
Waiting for other knitters to finish shopping, we decided some tailgate knitting was in order! Nancy even had a lawn chair in her car! Here's Lisa and Lynn! I think Lynn won the spending prize! Although, she did take the opportunity to announce to other knitters, that I had purchased Lantern Moon circulars! :)

Pick Up Sticks shoppers! My little yarn room has never seen so many knitters at one time. I was outside squealing with glee - it was just so exciting to see it. Above are Erin and Clare picking through the remains of Dream in Color and to left are Lynn, Elizabeth and Nancy checking prices on their handfuls of yarn!

Knitter's knitting in public after lunch! We had two more stops after this but I forgot to take pictures - I think I was overcome by fiber fumes!

We finished up the day with ice cream from Everything Chocolate on Main Street in Newmarket! Great big cone for $2 - excellent ice cream! Al in all we had over 20 knitters at various points throughout the day - a great success for the first time! Thank you so much to everyone who participated!


Angela said...

My camera "ate" all my photos.

So. Freaking. Angry.


Anonymous said...

I think you just broke some KIP Day blog rule!! You don't just announce to the world (WHERE MY HUSBAND LIVES!) that you think I won the spending prize! Geez! Although, I'm sure there are others out there whose total purchases increased with each stop...anybody??
This also rivals with the time I sent him into a store to pick up the ONE ball that I was short on completing a project and when he asked for it the NICE ladies at the store said, "It's on top of the other stuff she has on hold!" Cover blown again!
We had a great time; looking forward to more crawls.

Susan Pandorf said...

Sounds like a great day, Connie!

Jennifer said...

Thanks so much for organizing the day Connie. The part that Erica and I participated in was so much fun I almost forgot to pick up my son at his birthday party! (Thanks for letting us in front of you in line too. By the way, I got the time wrong and I was 15 minutes early, not 15 minutes late - whew!) Same time next year, I hope?

Sandra said...

Now I REALLY feel like I missed out on a great day! (Although the cottage WAS spectacular...)
When can I come and enjoy yur yarn room??