Monday, June 11, 2007

I have not forgotten

how to blog - contrary to popular opinion at the Yarn Crawl on Saturday! I did try to blog on Friday and the pictures would not load - and actually from the looks of things right now, they may not load today either. And that would be too awful because I have finished a Tulip Sweater by Dream in Color and I am ridiculously proud of it. After it was finished, I spent a good amount of time, doing the petting and sighing thing that often happens when we finish a project we really love.
Ah - here it is! This is a beautiful sweater and so fun to knit. Now - all of you know that I carry sock and lace weight yarns - that's my thing, right? Well, this yarn changed all that - I've ordered all the worsted weight and all the patterns. Demand is high so the wait will be a bit but it's soooo worth it. In the meantime - I am working on a version of this sweater in the Smooshy sock yarn - I'm really, really hoping to have a few kits of those ready by the beginning of next week. There should be a few girls kits and a few boys kits if all goes according to plan.
Our Yarn Crawl was a fabulous, resounding success - I've got lots of pictures to post but no time right now - I was swamped with orders last Thursday, Friday and the weekend and must get them all out today! Not my usual speedy self but wow! it was overwhelming!
Here's the sweater again - in case you missed it the first time - told you I was ridiculously proud of it! :)


Karin said...

Connie - it is absolutely lovely, be proud :)! I am so glad you ordered some heavier weight - although I haven't seen mine yet, I'll bet (like many lovley sock yarns) I'll be wishing for a sweater in same.

Michelle said...

You should be proud! That sweater is awesome! Now I have to find me a baby to knit for!

Susan Pandorf said...

Nice Connie!

Ann said...

That's a gorgeous sweater. Did you use sock yarn to knit that? I have also just finished a baby kimono using Opal 4ply sock yarn - take a look at my blog

Anonymous said...

Connie, Connie, Connie!! Thank you for organizing the Yarn Crawl!! It was a perfect day and a lot of fun for all of us knitters and I'm thinkin' the store owners appreciated your efforts too! I know they were glad that you brought me along. :o) (I'm so weak when faced with lovely yarn) You organized things very well and all went along quite smoothly! I have to say, I think my favourite part was knitting tailgate style in the parking lot!!! What a great bunch of knitters we are!! Thanks for another great day gals; you're the best!

Anonymous said...

Oh yea, how's the Lantern Moon needles?

Helen said...

You should be very proud, as your sweater is simply gorgeous. This pattern is such a lovely design and style. Good luck with your sock yarn version sweater.

Sandra said...

that's a stunning sweater. I'd rather order from you - shop local and all that!
Sorry I mised the yarn crawl - the weather was too nice to miss out on the cottage. I did knit in public, though - with friends on the dock!