Tuesday, June 01, 2010

We have a champion......

in our family! Emma was in her very first horse show this weekend in Palgrave. It is a Trillium show so it's quite a big deal. She was the most excited I've ever seen her and not nearly as nervous as she told us she'd be. She won a first, second, fifth, and another second. The points all added together made her Champion of the Crossrail division. Both Laura and I were so excited we were crying - brought back many memories of all the days we spent at shows when Laura was younger.
Do these girls look excited - it's 6:30 am and they've had little sleep but nothing could have kept them in bed this morning. Emma is the one is the helmet and Celine is her best friend - she came along as the groom!

First things first - time to get Scotty (Beaverwoods Butterscotch is his show name)all fancied up for the ring.

Now they're off to have a look at the course - two little girls looking quite professional I think!

Ta Dah! The Champion of Cross Rails Trillium at Palgrave. Lots of ribbons and a beautiful embroidered jacket bag! She even won some prize money!


Creativehands said...

Congratulations Emma!
Way to go mom! And dad too!

Sandra said...

that is so cool! Congratulations to Emma!